Zora & Monique - Seattle Area Pet Photographer

Meet Zora & Monique

 I double dog dare you not to smile when looking at this face. 

What a gorgeous smile.  

I wanted to pick her up and kiss her all over.  Her Mom beat me to it...

Lets head to the house for some indoor shots.  

I had to break out my favorite lens, the nifty-fifty (canon 50mm) for some up close and personal shots of this little monkey.

I chose to shoot down on her...well, because she is so tiny and I loved the way the oriental carpet behind her just smoothed out into a gorgeous background.  Because I was shooting on such a low aperture 2.0 it allows for that gorgeous bokeh blur behind. 

The cuteness just caused my blood sugar to spike into dangerous levels.

Forget sugar in my coffee this morning, who needs it. 

Dear Lord in Heaven....diabetic coma is imminent.  It has been lovely knowing all of you...goodbye. 

Okay, back to reality.   Here is a good lesson in aperture and shutter speed. 

This was shot using aperture:  f/2.8, shutter 1/200, ISO 1000.  As you can see it is slightly under exposed.  But my camera's meter was telling me it was okay.  I didn't want to spend hours editing these shots, so I changed it a bit.

So I dropped it down to aperture f/2.0, shutter 1/125, ISO 1000.  Nothing else changed other than Zora's position ever so slightly.  Look at the difference. 

Time to take my insulin. 

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