Q the Puppy - Walla Walla Pet Photgrapher

 Meet Q.  A five month old border collie puppy. 

Q is his name, fun is his game.  He stalks his next victim. 


"What is this little thing buzzing my face?" 

"You are annoying" 

"I am outta here! "

"Gotta shake this puppy!"

"Going to run, far and fast.....out of sight, out of mind"

"Ha ha ha ha!  You cant catch me!  I am footloose and puppy FREE!"

Q awaits his next victim

He spots her!

The chase is on...

Over hill, over dale...

Beth cant shake the puppy tail... the puppy goes trailing along

Oh boy....

Does she look annoyed to you? 

She has the patience of a saint...with puppies.  

After growing bored with Beth, Q sits for a moment....evaluates his options. 

He wanders, chases a leaf...then selects his next victim.  

There he is...his new older brother, Tater. 

He knows better than to harass his older sister Zoe.  She does not tolerate puppy foolishness.  

"I do not do puppies.  They are beneath me.  I am far too beautiful for immature boys."

He stalks...


"Leave me alone you little weirdo!"

"Please take it with you when you go home?"

I am sorry Tater Man, your momma would kill me! 
Hang in there, one day Q will discover sheep and your life will improve.  

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