Paddy - Auburn / Kent Pet Photography

 Hello Paddy! 

 If your mom gives you some treats, will you pose for me?  

 I love all the expressions on her face. 

Lets put you in the flower bed with the sunlight and trees behind you.  

Oh so serious...

A little unsure...

A little stressed.....YAWN

A little more reassurance and love from Monique

How about we try something different?  Whatcha think Paddy?  

How about some with you two together?  

Paddy, I think your Momma loves you!  

Happy faces! 

Ooops...snuck one of your momma without you in it!  

Lets move inside and get some close up shots.

I would kill for those eye lashes!  


It is a pleasure to photograph this lovely animal, with the gold tones and warm colors.  

Such a sweet face. 

So much love...

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