Mother & Son - Lucy & Rye - Olympia Pet Photographer

Meet Lucy.  

I have photographed Lucy a few times in the past & it was time for her 'winter' session.  

 Lucy is an accomplished sheep dog, running in the highest level in competition, which is referred to as the "open" level.  

She is beautiful to watch work. 

Her coloring combined with the tones from the grasses, trees and bushes set a lovely mood in these shots. 

Lucy holds a special place in Monique's heart, it is easy to see why.  

Lucy recently had a litter of puppies. 

Monique, her owner kept one puppy to raise and eventually train on sheep.  Meet Rye.  Do you think he looks like his mother? 

Rye has his mother's coloring.  

And her work ethic.

One day soon, Rye will be working sheep.  

Maybe next year I can take pictures of Rye working sheep in the snow.  

It will be fun to watch him grow.  


Hank - Tacoma Pet Photographer

Hi, my name is Hank.  

One day I will grow up to be a powerful sheep dog.  

But today, I am still a puppy.  

Ready to chew up your shoes. 


Russ & Julie's Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Orting Pet Photographer

Shortly after Christmas I had the opportunity to photograph two mischievous Staffordshire Bull Terriers owned by Russ and Julie.

Maverick is a little over a year old

His 'sister' Lilly is approximately 7 months old.

The camera loved her.

Miss Lilly has an opinion and she is not afraid to share it with everyone who will listen.

She doesn't hold back with her older brother either

Maverick is faster than Lil

And he takes the whole game of fetch much more seriously than the puppy minded Lilly.

Hence his success rate retrieving the ball for his 'mom'.

Then Lilly strikes...

She wants the ball

She will not be denied

A tugfest ensues!

She won!

Lilly has a mild cleft lip, which only adds to her charm.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are extremely loyal and loving dogs.

They are sometimes referred to as "nanny dogs' due to their devotion to the children in their family.

Strong & faithful



A joy to photograph.

Thank you Julie & Russ for letting me photograph Maverick and Lilly!  I hope you like your pictures.


Ann's Samoyeds - Idaho Pet Photographer

We spent Thanksgiving this year visiting friends in Caldwell Idaho. On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I shunned the mobs of shoppers, instead chose to sit out in the freezing (11 degrees F) cold  and photograph two gorgeous Samoyeds.  Gracie & Pogo

The sun was just rising, which bathed the field in a beautiful golden hue - and lit up Gracie's eyes.

The wind blew slighly, ruffling her fur

Gracie & Pogo explored together.  Sniffing the air as it blew across the fields.

Gracie's 'sister' Pogo.   I loved the difference in the color of their eyes, and nose.  Pogo's nose is brown & her eyes photography much darker. 

Their color was striking against the browned grasses

I especially liked the grasses & how they brought an interesting texture to the shots. 

"Hi Pogo!" 

A high shrill squeak gets their attention every time! 

"AHHHHHH Incoming!"



They didn't stray far from their  'mom' Ann

 They adore her.

Sitting at her feet.

 Thank you, Ann for letting me photograph your incredible girls. 

Their love for you shown brightly in their eyes.