Mother & Son - Lucy & Rye - Olympia Pet Photographer

Meet Lucy.  

I have photographed Lucy a few times in the past & it was time for her 'winter' session.  

 Lucy is an accomplished sheep dog, running in the highest level in competition, which is referred to as the "open" level.  

She is beautiful to watch work. 

Her coloring combined with the tones from the grasses, trees and bushes set a lovely mood in these shots. 

Lucy holds a special place in Monique's heart, it is easy to see why.  

Lucy recently had a litter of puppies. 

Monique, her owner kept one puppy to raise and eventually train on sheep.  Meet Rye.  Do you think he looks like his mother? 

Rye has his mother's coloring.  

And her work ethic.

One day soon, Rye will be working sheep.  

Maybe next year I can take pictures of Rye working sheep in the snow.  

It will be fun to watch him grow.